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Check out all of the educational opportunities we are offering at this year's CattleCon!

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NCBA's Annual Cattlemen's College

Connect. Learn. Innovate.

For over 30 years NCBA’s Cattlemen’s College has brought thought-provoking, stimulating sessions that can help improve your operation. Do you want to learn how to improve your business, build a better herd or maintain a healthy herd that you already have? These are just some of the cutting-edge topics from industry leaders that are discussed. Visit the Cattlemen's College Online Campus now to find out why year after year this is the #1 resource for education!

Visit the Cattlemen's College Online Campus

"The biggest take away I found from attending the Cattlemen’s College is that there is always a newer or better way of doing things. Falling under that sentence of, “we’ve always done it this way” is a dangerous statement. Never be afraid of trying things a different way."

Past Cattlemen's College Attendee

Grazing Management Workshop

Proper grazing management and having a written grazing management plan is essential to the success, longevity, and profitability of your cattle operation. This grazing management workshop is for any cattle producer seeking to improve their pasture management, extend grazing seasons, and create a more productive and sustainable forage-livestock system. Each attendee will have the chance to receive their own grazing management workbook, allowing you to walk away with a plan that is catered to your operation. Breakouts will be based upon average annual rainfall, providing solutions that are catered to your part of the country. Set up as roundtable discussions, each table will have a subject matter expert and solution provider to provide you with the best tools to take home.

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Show Floor Education

Education and entertainment come together to provide trade show goers with valuable opportunities to learn about cattle care and handling techniques. From Chutes and Scales to Cattle Handling Demonstrations and Learning Lounges, there's something for everyone!

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Cattle Chats

Cattle Chats will feature 20 minute “Ted Talk” style sessions focused on the ag and beef industry! Cattle Chats will be located on the main aisle in the trade show making it easy for attendees to pop by to catch the latest and greatest in agriculture.

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Learning Lounge

NCBA Trade Show presents the NCBA Learning Lounge. Learning Lounge Sessions will offer busy attendees valuable educational tips. The Learning Lounge is where attendees can stop in and enjoy informal, face-to-face talks and hands-on education in a small intimate theater-like setting right on the trade show floor.

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Demonstration Arena

This area will feature NCBA’s Beef Quality Assurance program Stockmanship & Stewardship. These sessions will teach handling methods that improve gathering, penning, chute work and hauling. Much emphasis is placed on ways to increase cattle performance by reducing handling stress. Interactive discussions show how cattlemen can shape consumers perception of beef. Other topics include how the principles presented have a significant economic — as well as “quality of life” — benefit when applied in a cattle enterprise. Curt Pate and Dr. Ron Gill, renowned stockmanship clinicians share their perspectives and techniques that blend cattlemen’s tradition with the latest in Beef Quality Assurance. 

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Chutes & Scales Showdown

Discover the ultimate Chute & Scale Showdown at the NCBA Trade Show during CattleCon. Seeking top-quality equipment? Look no further! Join us on the Trade Show Floor for an exciting opportunity to explore a variety of chutes and scales from industry-leading manufacturers. Witness live demonstrations with actual cattle, gaining invaluable insights into their performance. Engage in one-on-one conversations with company representatives immediately after the demos to address all your questions. Unlock tips and tricks for optimizing the use of your equipment, as we showcase both manual and hydraulic chutes. Find the perfect ranch solution tailored to your needs in this action-packed event.