Please note these are recordings from the Learning Lounge at CattleCon24

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Certified Angus Beef 1-21-15
9:30 AM
Make More Cents of Your Premiums
Speakers: Carson Rogers, Assistant Director of Product Services and Dr. Daniel Clark, Meat Scientist 

To get more money for your cattle, you have to know where that money is coming from. Take a seat in this Learning Lounge session to learn where there are hidden cents across the carcass that add more dollars to your pocket. Join Dr. Daniel Clark and Carson Rogers from Certified Angus Beef as they explain the value difference between subprimal costs.

Rabo AgriFinance Color Logo
10:30 AM
Chaos Creates Change for the US Beef Industry
Speaker: Lance Zimmerman, Animal Protein Analyst

The US beef industry often considers stronger market prices and consumer demand as solutions in creating a more resilient supply chain. However, volatile markets, lingering drought and supply shifts are making it more difficult for market participants to operate with certainty. Learn more about these issues and discuss solutions to these risks.

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Corteva AgriScience
11:30 AM
UltiGraz™ – An Innovative Way to Combine Fertility and Weed Control
Speaker: Dr. Jodie Crose, Field Scientist and Jerome Otto, Market Development Specialist

Pasture fertilizer and weed control have traditionally required two separate applications. Not anymore. UltiGrazsm Pasture Weed & Feed provides grass fertilization and weed control with only a single application. During the blending process, herbicide in a concentrate solution is sprayed on dry fertilizer granules which can then be spread using standard fertilizer application equipment. Dr. Jodie Crose will discuss the principles of UltiGraz, along with the most recent research on proper rates, timing, and best management practices.  Jerome Otto will explain how UltiGraz helps cattle producers increase their forage production by combining the power of fertilization with effective weed control, ultimately improving the ROI of their pastures. With UltiGrazsm it’s one pass for better grass. This is a don’t miss session for your bottom line!

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Elanco_Logo_Blue (7-2021).eps
12:30 PM
Vaccination Strategies to Maximize Cattle Conception Rates
Speaker: M. Wayne Ayers, DVM Senior Beef Technical Consultant

Your choice of vaccine can have a bigger impact than just preventing disease. Research has shown it can also have an impact on reproductive rates. Join Elanco’s M. Wayne Ayers, DVM, senior beef technical consultant, as he shares how producers can advance conception rates and overall management within their herds.

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Lincoln Financial
1:30 PM
The Final Countdown - Learn about Today's Estate Tax Savings Opportunities before They Expire! 
Speaker: Michael McCormack, Estate & Business Succession Specialist 

On December 31, 2025 - major estate tax gifting opportunities will expire. Join us for an informative discussion of what you, your family and business partners can do to take advantage of today's high exemption limits. Proactive planning can help preserve assets for the next generation and ensure that the IRS is not your largest heir! 

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2:30 PM
From the Farm Gate and Beyond: Exploring Sustainability from the Field, to the Pasture, and Opportunities Abroad
Speaker: Matt Frostic, NCGA Board Member, Troy Schneider, NCGA Board Member, Denny Vennekotter, NCGA MDAT Chairman, and Jesse Allen, Moderator and host of Agriculture of America

Join your friends at the National Corn Growers Association for a high-energy panel discussion moderated by host of Agriculture of America Jesse Allen, as we delve into new opportunities ahead for the American corn and beef industries. Sustainability advancements in the corn field directly impact and benefit the cattle beyond the gate and NCGA along with its industry partners, are working hard to drive your high-quality product into new and exciting markets abroad. You don’t want to miss this dynamic session packed with insightful updates and innovative strategies as U.S. farmers and ranchers navigate the ever-evolving landscape of sustainably feeding and fueling a growing world. 

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Boehringer Ingelheim 12-9-13
3:30 PM
Healthy Heifers; Productive Heifers 
Speaker: Lee Jones, Senior Professional Services Veterinarian 

Developing heifers for lifetime production is essential for reproductive efficiency. Reproductive efficiency is vital for lifetime production. Principles for developing heifers for productivity, longevity and efficiency will be discussed.

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Friday, February 2, 2024

Corteva AgriScience
10:30 AM
The Latest Range and Pasture Management Innovations to Help Your Bottom Line
Speaker: Benny Martinez, Market Development Specialist and Dr. Sam Ingram, Field Scientist 

Innovations and solutions help move things forward at your operation in 2024. Grass is your cheapest and best feed source for your cattle. This session will help you get more from the grass on your land.    Visit with Corteva Agriscience specialists as they share about Corteva’s current solutions and future innovations related to brush management, and broadleaf weed control to help your return on investment. Benny Martinez, Market Development Specialist will lead a discussion on how LandVisor® Advanced Brush Management assists landowners on site selection and improving application timing with a comparison to standard practices. LandVisor is different than anything on the market today. This will be a cutting-edge demonstration. Dr. Sam Ingram will lead a discussion on the newest member of the Grazon herbicide family, GrazonPD3™ herbicide, a new formulation technology that is built on two trusted active ingredients, 2,4-D and picloram. He will also have an update on ProClova™ herbicide the groundbreaking technology that rids your pastures of weeds but keeps your white clover and annual lespedeza. This and more when you find out about the latest innovations to get more from your land. 

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CHR Hansen 1.17.20
11:30 AM
Forage quality got you down? Things are looking up
Speaker: Garrett Preedy, Technical Services Manager, Chr. Hansen.

Forage quality is defined as the ability of the cow to digest and utilize the nutrient components provided by the forage source. The higher the content and digestibility of the nutrients, the higher the forage quality. As forages mature, their digestibility decline, reducing the nutrients the cow is able to derive from the forage, lowering the quality. Declining forage quality impacts the amount of other feedstuffs that the animal is able to consume, as the slower passage rate of the forage results in a reduction in intake of not only the forage but also other feeds that the animal is consuming. Fortunately, there are options such as BOVACILLUS that improve the digestibility and utilization of the forages that the cows are consuming.

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Rural Minds
12:30 PM
Talk Saves Lives Suicide Prevention Training

Suicide can be prevented. This presentation will cover what we know about the leading cause of death, the most up-to-date research on prevention, and what we can do to help people struggling before it’s too late. Participants will learn the common risk factors, how to spot the warning signs in others, and how to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and those in our community safe.

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Nationwide Logo
1:30 PM
Careers in Agriculture
Speakers: Jessica Parrish, Staff Operations Director for Sponsor Relations at Nationwide, Kevin Charleston, Owner and Founder, Specialty Risk Insurance, and Mary-Thomas Hart, chief counsel at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

Calling all youth attendees! Are you interested in learning more about Careers in Agriculture? Our panelists will share their journeys in agriculture, the benefits of working in such an amazing industry, and the diversity of careers in ag. You’ll also have a chance to win some Nationwide gear.

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