Thursday 9:30Am

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Neogen Genetics
Main Theme  Geonomics-Let's Talk Brass TracksJosh White - Moderator; Nicole Bechtel
Topic 1 The Importance of Good Replacements Rob Gill, True Ranches & Dr. Jaime Courter, Neogen
Topic 2 Crossbreeding = Nature's Low Cost Gift
C. Tylor Braden, King Ranch & John Genho, Neogen
Topic 3 Genomics as Risk Management Jared Wareham, Top Dollar Angus & Kenny Stauffer, Neogen
Topic 4 Genomics as a System John Teixeria, Teixera Cattle Company & Tom Schultz, Neogen
Topic 5 Genomics to Fit Breeding Objectives Tom Brink, RAAA & Jack Ward, AHA

Thursday 3:00Pm

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Westway Feeds Nutrition
Main Theme  The Perfect Complement...For Your Cowherd NutritionMarvin Kokes - Moderator; Nicole Bechtel
Topic 1 Year Round Supplementation...Profitable Proposition? Jon Cunningham & Time Akers
Topic 2 Fetal Programming/Epigenetics...What Role does Cowherd Nutrition Play?
Dr. Kelly Sanders
Topic 3 Molasses and Urea...The Great Grass Complement Dr. Robby Bondurant
Topic 4 Mineral...The Value in Your Cowherd's Nutrition Program Dr. Kelley Neuhold
Topic 5 Cattle are Upcyclers...What is Their Role as Enviornmentalists? Dr. Tryon Wickersham

FrIday 9:30Am

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Rabo Bank Logo D.C. Update
Main Theme  D.C. Policy UpdateEthan Lane, Vice President of Government Affairs - Moderator; Beka Wall
Topic 1 Environmental Issues Scott Yager, Chief Environmental Counsel
Topic 2 Federal Lands and Wildlife - Modernizing Legislation
Tanner Beymer, Government Affairs
Topic 3 Voluntary Conservation Practices Mary- Thomas Hart, Deputy Enviornmental Counsel
Topic 4 Trade - There's A Lot to Talk About! Kent Bacus, International Trade & Market Access; Don Close, SVP - Animal Protein Analyst
Topic 5 Markets - What's the Outlook? Darryl, Government Affairs; Dustin Aherin, Animal Protein Analyst

FrIday 3:00Pm

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Environmental Stewardship Award ESAP
Main Theme    Everyday Practices to Ensure your Operation's Success - Today and the FutureHomer Buell - Moderator; Jill DeLucero
Topic 1 Soil Health - Tips and Tools Fred Schrank, Texas State Agronomist, NRCS; David Kitner, Killam Duval County Ranch
Topic 2 Grazing/Forge Management
Scott Flynn, Corteva; Julie Nokomis, Blackbeard's Ranch
Topic 3 Successful Programing to Enhance Wildlife/Cattle Shared Habitat Heather Johnson, US Fish & Wildlife; Tuda Libby Crews, Ute Creek Cattle Company
Topic 4 Strategies to Keep Ranchers Ranching Townsend Bailey, McDonald's; Gary Price, 77 Ranch
Topic 5 Getting Started - Small Changes can Yield Big Outcomes Chad Ellis, Nobel Foundation; Frank Price, Frank and Sims Price Ranch