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Exhibitor Summit & Sponsorship Showcase

September 6-8, 2022

Mark your calendars and Get Jazzed for the New Orleans Exhibitor Summit & Sponsorship Showcase! 

If you want a head start on all things #CattleCon23, this is the event for you!

During this three day event, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Work with our sponsorship team in-person to put your brand into action at #CattleCon23
  • Meet with Trade Show suppliers (FREEMAN, catering, electrical, props & décor, etc.)
  • Get hands on with educational sessions tailored to booths of all sizes
  • Take a tour of New Orleans for the best places to meet and grab a bite to eat
  • Tour the hotels and see suites
  • Network with fellow exhibitors
  • And MUCH MORE!

Hear from Bert Rivera from Twin Mountain fence about why he attends the Exhibitor Summit & SPONSORSHIP  Showcase year after year! 

Hear from Trade show expert Jefferson davis about the educational sessions you can look forward to at the exhibitor summit & SPONSORSHIP showcase!

Exhibitor Summit Educational Sessions

How SMALL Exhibitors Can WIN BIG at Cattlecon    

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Too often, small inline exhibitors can feel like a “flea on the back of an elephant” at a large show like CattleCon. It is so easy to get lost in the crowd. While you cannot outspend larger exhibits, you can out focus, out plan and outsmart them to make sure you get your fair share of qualified booth traffic and ultimately generate exhibiting ROI.   In this all-new session, Jefferson Davis, President of Competitive Edge, who is in development on his Small Exhibitor Advantage™ program, will share perspectives and practices that small exhibitors can apply to win big at trade shows. This is a MUST ATTEND session for all in-line exhibitors who want to get more from trade shows. As a bonus for attending, you will receive a complimentary E3 Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation at CattleCon23. ($495 VALUE)

How to Improve Exhibiting Productivity & ROI by Applying the Exhibit Marketing Process™


Exhibiting at a trade show is a big investment of human and financial capital. And for many companies, often the cost of exhibiting is more than the tangible benefits they gain. But it does not have to be this way! The art and science of exhibiting has exploded over the last few decades. However, most exhibitors have never been taught a structured process to help make sure their investment supports their company’s core business objectives and delivers measurable financial value beyond cost. 

Unfortunately, they end up spending 95% of their pre-show time on managing logistics and operations which only ensures that they show up. In this all new session, North America’s leading exhibiting productivity expert Jefferson Davis reveals the recently organized Exhibit Marketing Process™. Based on 30+ years of exhibiting experience and over $800 million of combined results he’s helped clients generate, this proven-effective process will help you quickly assess how well you are strategically executing your exhibit program and identify specific areas you can focus on to make CattleCon23, and for that matter every show you do more productive and profitable than ever before.

Inside the Mind of the CattleCon Producer Panel Discussion: How Cattle Producers Use Trade shows to Build Relationships and Influence Buying Decisions

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 8, 2022

In this time of unprecedented challenges facing cattle producers from government regulations to inflation, now is the perfect time to get a deeper understanding of cattle producers wants and needs. Attend this interactive panel discussion featuring prominent cattle producers who will discuss the specific challenges they are facing, what they need from their vendor partners, and how they use they tradeshows to build relationships and make buying decisions for their ranch. Bring your toughest questions and get answers straight from the source!

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