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NCBA has teamed up with Competitive Edge and Jefferson Davis to provide a great source of trade show cost justification and ROI education to our exhibitors! The NCBA Exhibitor Success & ROI Center is you and your entire staff’s FREE, on-demand, 24/7 exhibiting knowledge resource center, to give you answers to your most pressing exhibiting challenges, expand your exhibiting know-how, and improve your company’s exhibiting performance and ROI. Utilize the Free Exhibitor Marketing Tools provided to you.

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Step 1. GET CONTROL: Download FREE Planning & Management Tools

Use our free and proven-effective tools to plan and manage your exhibit program, control your costs and measure your performance, value and ROI.
1. 16 Week Tradeshow Planning & Management TOOL (Excel Spreadsheet) 
2. Exhibit Budgeting & Cost Control TOOL (Excel Spreadsheet) 
3. Exhibiting & Financial Performance Metrics TOOL (Excel Spreadsheet)

Step 2.  PLAN TO WIN:  Complete Strategic Planning Exercises at Target Time Frames

The five strategic planning exercises below are proven to help position your exhibit program for optimum performance and results. Gather your exhibit team, block 90 minutes and complete each exercise on or around the target dates before the show. 

1. Define Your Outcomes16 weeks prior to the show

2. Identify and Attract Your Ideal Visitors - 12 weeks prior to the show

3. Manage Your Visitor Experience - 10 weeks prior to the show

4. Manage Your Leads - 6 to 8 weeks prior to the show

5. Measure Your Performance, Results & ROI - 4 weeks prior & update after the show

Step 3. WATCH & LEARN: Topical Webinars Help You Address Critical Success Factors 

Gather your team and watch these in-depth educational webinars on/or around the target dates.

NEW Webinar Topic Ideas:  Date TBD

  • How to Safely & Successfully Exhibit In a Post-Pandemic Market 
  •  OR How to Discover & Deliver Your Value & Unique Selling Propositions
Replay 1:         Inside the Exhibiting Numbers: Budgeting, Managing Costs, Measuring & Reporting Exhibiting Performance, Value & ROI              
Recorded:       January 2018               45 mins.          View by Date: 16 weeks before the show

Purpose:         To teach exhibitors the what, why and how of controlling costs and measuring exhibiting performance, value and ROI, so they can cost-justify, achieve and report exhibiting ROI.

Replay 2:         Inside the Mind of the NCBA Producer: How Producers Use Tradeshows to Build Relationships and Influence Buying Decisions (video) 
Recorded:       October 2017              93 mins.           View by Date: 15 weeks before the show 

Purpose:         To help exhibitors better understand the wants and needs of producers and adapt their marketing sales and exhibiting programs. 

Replay 3:        How to Make YOUR NCBA Exhibit Stand Out from the Crowd
Recorded:        October 2019              45 mins.           View by Date: 14 weeks before the show 

Purpose:         To teach exhibitors through a visual journey about the key principles of how to create an exhibit that grabs attention, communicates clear messaging, encourages attendees to stop and engage and generates more qualified leads. 

Replay 4:         Building Brand Awareness & Driving Qualified NCBA Booth Traffic  

Recorded:       November 2019             45 mins.       View by Date:  12 weeks before the show  

Purpose: To teach exhibitors the why’s of pre-marketing their exhibit and provide direction for development and execution of an integrated pre/at-show marketing plan to drive more attendees to their NCBA exhibit.  

Replay 5:         Secrets of the Aisles: Interaction Skills Every Booth Staffer Needs to Know
 Recorded:       December 2017          45 mins.          View by Date: 8 weeks before the show       

Purpose:         To provide exhibitors with an online exhibit staff training session to help them prepare their staff for peak performance.

Replay 6:         Improving Tradeshow Lead Management for Higher Sales Conversion    

Recorded:       November 2019             45 mins.         View by Date: 12 weeks before the show  

Purpose:         To get exhibitors to focus on the connection between lead management and exhibiting ROI and provide direction for improving their lead management process.

Replay 7:         Integrating Social Media Into Your Exhibit Program  
Recorded:       November 2019             45 mins.         View by Date: 10 weeks before the show

Purpose:         Social media can be an extremely effective media for building your brand, engaging attendees and driving qualified booth traffic. However, research finds most exhibitors are not taking full advantage of this powerful and free marketing opportunity.  View this educational webinar to see the latest research on exhibitor social media practices and learn best tradeshow practices for using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram more effectively. 

Step 4.  READ FOR MORE: Topical articles provide more insights and ideas 

How-To Exhibiting Article Series

Quick-read, informative and loaded with useful information and practical knowledge. Our exhibiting success article series address the critical topics important to your success as an exhibitor today. Just click the topic below and start reading. Be sure to forward to your entire exhibiting team.
Planning & Cost Control
Designing Your Exhibit & Visitor Experience
Promoting Your Participation
Preparing Your Staff
Managing Your Leads
Measuring Your Performance, Value & ROI

Step 5.  CONNECT & ASK: Join LinkedIn exhibitor group/Ask Tradeshow Experts  

NCBA has set-up a LinkedIn group for you and your connects to connect and made arrangements with tradeshow productivity expert, Jefferson Davis and his team of CTSM experts to answer any exhibiting productivity questions you may have. Please take advantage of these free resources to get quick answers to your most pressing questions and challenges. 
Connect here!

Ask the Trade Show Expert Q&A

NCBA has made special arrangements with Jefferson Davis, America’s leading expert on trade show success. You can submit questions on any exhibiting topic. Mr. Davis will respond personally within 48 hours. Submit your question now!

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