Cassidy Johnston

Co-Founder, JRC Ranch Management and Consulting

Cassidy Johnston is an agriculture consultant, communicator, and co-founder of JRC Ranch Management and Consulting. She grew up in a suburb of Denver but has now been ranching for over a decade and serves in the gap between the ranch and the table to build relationships and form bold partnerships to answer the question, “Where does my food come from?”

Cassidy received her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder. She was a student researcher at the Leeds School of Business Research Division, graduating early with honors. While there, she completed a thesis titled “Building a Rancher-Environmentalist Alliance to Protect Ranch Land environments from Development.”

She and her husband, Robert, have lived and worked on ranches in Montana, Colorado, and New Mexico and have three little boys. Besides being a consultant and communicator, she is a bull and semen rep, podcaster, book enthusiast, and collector of weird socks. Cassidy sits on the board of the Colorado Foundation for Agriculture and on the advisory board for several agtech startups.

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