BUZZ Brainard

Radio Host, SiriusXM

Buzz Brainard hails from Michigan. His career has taken him from the “Great Lakes State” to New York City, Los Angeles and finally Nashville.

You can catch Buzz weekday afternoons hosting “The Music Row Happy Hour” on The Highway channel 56. You can also hear him mornings on Y2Kounty channel 61. Weekends you can usually find him on the golf course.

You may remember him as the friendly voice of Disney Channel and sports fans know him as the host of “This Week in Baseball” on FOX. He was also the smart aleck announcer for “Maximum Exposure”, hosted “Breed All About It” on Animal Planet and was the promo voice for the TV series “Friends” in syndication. You may stumble across his voice on Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, The Weather Channel, LAFF Network and a ton of radio and TV commercials.

Occasionally Buzz will pop up in a movie. He has also played himself on the TV show “Nashville”.