Cattlemen's College Speaker

Angela M. Gonella, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Florida

Dr. Angela Maria Gonella is an Assistant Professor of Cattle reproduction at the North Florida Research and Education Center and the Animals Sciences Department at the University of Florida. She received her D.V.M. degree from the University of Applied and Environmental Sciences (Bogota, Colombia), her M.Sc. degree from the National University of Colombia, and her Ph.D. from the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil). Her research interests are diverse and include molecular markers of endometrial and oviductal receptivity, molecular responses to heat stress in the reproductive tract, metabolomic markers of feed and reproductive efficiency, and periconceptional programming. Her extension program focuses on improving the adoption of reproductive technologies and increasing reproductive efficiency in cow-calf operations in Florida. She was awarded the Jackson County Cattleman of the Year in 2022 due to her tremendous contribution to the local cattle industry.